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1     Let’s get ready for class.         准备上课。
      2     I’m sorry I’m late. /Excuse me for coming late.         对不起,我迟到了。
      3     Please come earlier next  time.         下次请早点到。
      4     Class begins.         上课。
      5     Who’s on duty today?         今天谁值日?
      6     Is everyone here?         都到齐了吗?
      7     Who’s absent  today?         今天谁没来?
      8     What day is today?         今天是星期几?
      9     What’s the  date  today?         今天是几号?
      10    Li Hong, have you collected all the exercise-books?         
      11    Here are your exercise-books. Please hand them out.         
      12    Monitor, would you please fetch some chalk for me?     
      13    Open your books, please.         请翻开书。
      14    please turn to Page 12.         请翻开书到12页。
      15    Please take out your notebooks/exercise books.         请拿出笔记本/练习本。
      16     No more talking, please.         请安静。
      17     Attention, please.         请注意。
      18     Let’s have a dictation.         让我们来听写。
      19     We’re going to have a new lesson today.         今天我们要上新课。
      20     First let’s have a revision.         首先我们复习一下。
      21     Who can answer this question?         谁能回答这个问题?
      22     Do you have any questions?         你们有问题吗?
      24     Let me see.         让我看看/想想。
      25     Put up your hands if you have any questions.         如果有问题请举手。
      26     Raise your hands, please.         请举手。
      27     Hands down.         把手放下。
      28     Repeat after me/Follow me.           跟我读。
      29     Listen to me, please.           请听我说。
      30     Look at the blackboard/screen, please.         请看黑板/屏幕。
      31     All eyes on me, please.         请都看着我。
      32     Can you solve this problem?         能做出这道题吗?
      33     Let’s read it together. Ready, go!         大家齐声朗读,预备,起。
      34     Read slowly and clearly.           读慢一点,清楚一点。
      35     Who wants to try?           谁想试一试?
      36     Who wants to do it on the blackboard?         谁愿意到黑板上来做?
      37     Are you through?           做完了吗?
      38     Have you finished?         做完了吗?
      39     You did a very good job.         做得不错。
      40     Very good./Good try./ Well done!         完成得不错。
      41     Terrific!/ Wonderful! / Excellent!         很棒!
      42     Please give him (her) a big hand.           请给他/她一些掌声。
      43     Can you follow me?         能跟上吗?
      44     Do you understand?         你听懂了吗?
      45     Don’t be nervous.         不要紧张。
      46     Any one can help him/ her?         谁来帮他/她一下?
      47     Any volunteers?         谁自愿回答?
      48     I beg your pardon?         对不起,能再说一遍吗?
      49     Take it easy.         请放心/别紧张。
      50     Be brave / active, please.           请勇敢/主动些。
      51     Who wants to try?         谁来试试?
      52     Come up to the front, please.         请到前面来。
      53     Go back to your seat, please.         请回座位。
      54     Come on. You can do it.         来吧!你能做到的。
      55     Come on, you’re almost there.         来吧!你快(做/答)对了。
      56     I’ll give you a clue (hint).         我给你一些提示
1. Hi! 你好!
2. Hello! 你们好!
3. Good morning/ afternoon! 早上/下午好!
4. Good morning/good afternoon, class/everyone/boys and girls! 同学们,上午/下午好!
5. How are you? 你们好吗?
6. Nice to meet/see you. 很高兴见到你们
Nice to see/meet you again./It’s nice to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你们!
7. Happy Children’s Day.儿童节快乐!
8. Merry Christmas Day.圣诞节快乐!
9. Happy Mid-Autumn Day. 中秋快乐!
10. Happy birthday to you! 祝你生日快乐!
11. Happy New Year! 新年快乐!
12. Happy Teachers’ Day! 教师节快乐!
二、 告别用语
1. Bye.再见!
2. Goodbye/bye-bye。再见!
3. See you!再见!
4. See you tomorrow!明天见!
5. See you on Tuesday.星期二见!
6. Have a nice weekend.周末愉快!
7. Have a nice holiday.假期愉快!
8. Have a good time! 祝你们度过一个快乐的时光!
9. Hope to see you again.希望再次见到你们。
1. Good! ( better best )好!(更好!最好!)
2. Right! 正确!
3. Yes! 是的!
4. Very good!非常好!
5. Great!太棒了!
6. Wonderful! 非常精彩!
7. Excellent! 很棒的!
8. Great job! 做的不错!
9. Well done! 做的好!
10. Cool! 太棒了!
11. That was great! 非常好!
12. You are great!你真棒!
13. You have done a great job.你做的非常棒。
14. He has done a good job.他做的很好!
15. You are a wonderful boy/ girl.你是个很棒的男孩/女孩。
16. You are the winner! 你是获胜者!
17. Congratulations! 祝贺你!
18. claps 鼓掌!
1. Stop talking! 不要讲话!
2. Don’t be late again! 下次不要再迟到!
3. Don’t do that again! 不要再那么做了!
4. I’m sorry you are wrong. 很遗憾,你错了!
5. I’m sorry, but   that’s wrong. 很抱歉,那时错的!
1. 上课 (Beginning a class)
1)、Let's start now. / Let's begin our class / lesson. 现在开始上课。
2)、Stand up, please. 请起立。
3)Sit down, please. 请坐。
2. 下课(Dismissing the class)
1)、Well, that’s the end of our class. 好了,我们的课就到这里。
2)、Time is up. 时间到了。
3)、Let's stop here. 让我们就到这儿。
4)、That's all for today. 今天就到这儿。
5)、 Class is over. 下课。
3. 考勤 (Checking attendance)
1)、Who's on duty today? / Who's helping this morning / today? 今天谁值日?
2)、Is everyone / everybody here / present? 所有人都在吗?
3)、Who's absent? / Who's away? 谁缺席了?
4. 提起注意 (Directing attention)  
1、Be quiet! 安静!
2、Silence, please. 安静!
3、Sit up/well. 做好!
4、One, two, three, go/start! 一、二、三开始
5、Ready? 准备好了吗?
6、Quickly! 快!
7、Hurry up! 赶快!
8、Too slowly! 太慢了!
9、Loudly! 大点声!
10. Have a try. 试一试
      Try again, please./Once more, please. 再试一次/再来一遍。
11、Pay more attention to this, please. 请注意这一点。
12. Put up your hands/Raise your hand/Hands up. 举起手来
13. Put down your hands/ Hands down. 放下手。
14.Look at the blackboard/your books. 看黑板/书!
15. Look at me/her/him. 看我/她/他
16. Come to the front, please. 请到前面来。
17. Come to the blackboard, please. 到黑板这里来。
18. Go back to your seat, please. 回去。
19. Do you have any questions? 你们有问题吗?
20. Understand? 明白吗?
21. Clear? 明白吗?
22. Pardon? 再说一遍好吗?
23. Can you hear me? 能听见吗?
24. Can you see it / the blackboard? 能看到它/黑板吗?
25. Listen and do the action. 听并做动作。
26. Listen and point.听并指
27. Listen and repeat. 听并重复。
28. Listen and answer the question. 听然后回答问题。
29. Listen read and spell the words. 听读并拼出这些单词
30. Listen and read twice for each word. 听并把每个词读两遍。
31. Read and write. 读并写
32. Write it on the blackboard/in your exercise book/workbook/ a piece of paper .

1、 Think it over and try again. 再好好想想,然后试一下。
2、 Don't be afraid / shy. 别害怕/害羞。

1. Now please work in groups/pairs小组/同桌两人讨论
2.Talk to your partner. 跟同桌讨论
3.Tell your desk mate 告诉同桌

一.上课(Beginning a class)
1 Let's start now. / Let's begin our class / lesson.
2 Stand up, please.
3 Sit down, please.
4 Hello, boys and girls / children.
5 Good morning, class / everyone / everybody / children / boys and girls.
6 Good afternoon, class / everyone / everybody / children / boys and girls.
7 How are you today?
三.考勤(Checking attendance)
8 Who's on duty today? Who's helping this morning / today?
9 Is everyone / everybody here / present?
10 Is anyone away? / Is anybody away?
11 Is anyone / anybody absent ?
12 Who's absent? / Who's away?
13 Where is he / she?
14 Try to be on time./ Don't be late next time.
15 Go back to your seat, please.
16 What day is it today?
17 What's the date today?
18 What's the weather like today?
19 What's it like outside?
20 Let's start working./ Let's begin / start a (our)new lesson.
21 First, let's review / do some revision.
22 What did we learn in the last lesson?
23 Who can tell / remember what we did in the last lesson / yesterday?
24 Now we're going to do something new / different. / Now let's learn something new.
25 We have some new words / sentences.
五.提起注意(Directing attention)
26 Ready / Are you ready?
27 Did you get there? / Do you understand?
28 Is that clear?
29 Any volunteers?
30 Do you know what to do?
31 Be quiet, please./ Quiet, please.
32 Listen, please.
33 Listen carefully, please.
34 Listen to the tape recorder / the recording.
35 Look carefully, please.
36 Look over here.
37    Watch carefully.
38 Are you watching?
39 Please look at the blackboard / picture / map ....
40 Pay attention to your spelling / pronunciation.
六.课堂活动(Classroom activities)
41 Start! / Start now.
42 Everybody together. / All together.
43 Practise in a group / in groups, please.
44 Get into groups of three / four....
45 Everybody find a partner / friend.
46 In pairs, please.
47 One at a time. / Let's do it one by one.
48 Now you, please. / Your turn (student's name).
49 Next, please.Now you do the same, please.
50 Let's act. / Let's act out / do the dialogue.
51 Who wants to be A?
52 Practise the dialogue, please.
53 Now Tom will be A, and the other half will be B.
54 Please take (play)the part of ....
55 Whose turn is it?
56 It's your turn.
57 Wait your turn, please.
58 Stand in line. / Line up.
59 Turn round.
60 One by one. / One at a time, please.
61 In twos. / In pairs

62 Don't speak out.
63 Could you please try it again?
64 Could you please try the next one?
65 Will you please help me?
66 Can you try, please?
67 Try, please.
68 Please try your best. / Do your best.
69 Think it over and try again.
70 Don't be afraid / shy.
九.指令(Issuing a command)
71 Say / Read after me, please.
72 Follow me, please.
73 Do what I do.
74 Repeat, please./ Repeat after me.
75 Once more, please./ One more time, please.
76 Come here, please.
77 Please come to the front./ Come up and write on the blackboard / chalkboard.
78 Come and write it on the blackboard.
79 Please go back to your seat.
80 Put up your hands, please./ Raise your hands, please.
81 Put down your hands, please./ Hands down, please.
82 Say it / Write it in Chinese / English.
83 In English, please.
84 Please take out your books.
85 Please open your books at page ... / Find page ... / Turn to page ...
86 Close / Shut your books, please.
87 Please answer the (my)question(s).
88 Please read this letter / word / sentence out loud. / Please read out this letter / word / sentence.
89 Please stop now./ Stop now, please./ Stop here, please.
90 Clean up your desk / the classroom, please.
91 It's clean-up time./ Tidy up your desk / the classroom.
92    Put your things away./ Clean off your desk./ Pick up the scraps.
93 Clean the blackboard.
94 Plug in the tape-recorder, please.
95 Put the tape-recorder away.
96 Put the tape in its box / cassette.
97 Listen and repeat.
98 Look and listen.
99 Repeat after me.
100 Follow the words.
101 Fast./ Quickly! / Be quick, please.
102 Hurry! / Hurry up, please.
103 Slow down, please.
104 Slowly.
105 Bring me some chalk, please.
十.禁止和警告(Prohibition and warning)
103 Stop talking./ Stop talking now, please.
104 Don't talk./ Everybody quiet, please.
105 Don't be silly.
106 Settle down.
107 Good.Thank you.
108    Good! / Very good! / Good job. / Good work. / Good example.
109 A good answer. / Nice work.
110 Excellent! / Great! / Well done / very good. / I like the way you...
111 That's interesting!
112 Don't worry about it. / No problem.
113 OK! / That's OK.
114 I don't think so.
115    That's not quite right, any other answers? / That's close./ That's almost right.
116 Not quite, anyone help him / her? / Try again.
117 A good try.
十二.布置作业(Setting homework)
118 For today's homework.
119 Practise after class./ Practise at home.
120 Say it out loud, before you write it down.
121 Copy / Print / Write each word twice.
122 Remember / Memorize these words / sentences.
123 Do your homework./ Do the next lesson./ Do the new work.
十三.下课(Dismissing the class)
124 Hand in your workbooks, please.
125 Time is up.
126 The bell is ringing.
127 There's the bell.
128 There goes the bell.
129 Let's stop here.
130 That's all for today
131 Class is over.
132 Goodbye. / Bye./ See you./ See you next class / time / tomorrow.
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